Yoga Stops Traffick is a one day, worldwide community yoga event run by volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking and much-needed money to support its victims and anyone can take part

Last year, the funds raised helped provide a roof over the head of 95 children at Odanadi Seva Trust rehabilitation centres. Yoga Stops Traffick participants helped pay for food, electricity, running water and contributed to the salaries of 22 social workers, psychotherapists, administrative and educational staff.

Find out more about us or how to take part with our event on 5th March 2017.

For the Odanadi residents Yoga Stops Traffick means a sense of belonging. They feel they have relatives and friends across the globe who love them and want the best for them. When the name of Odanadi is taken to countries across the world, it starts a healing process. It gives us the energy to carry on.

Odanadi founders Stanly and Parashuram