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Date: - 10/03/2019
All Day

Bodhi Yoga and Mindfulness Centre



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Through a global sun salutation on March 10, 2019, Yoga stops yoga traffick practitioners around the world are united to stop human trafficking

In India, more than 3 million women and children are survivors of trafficking . For example, they are exploited in the household, as prostitutes, as beggars or as organ donors.
The organization Odanadi saves survivors, offers shelter and runs campaigns against human trafficking. Odanadi means a soulmate in Dutch.

Bodhi supports Yoga stops traffick 2019
With our participation in Yoga stops traffick we ask your attention for the enormous amount of exploitation of women and children in India. We also support the work of Odanadi. The proceeds and donations from Yoga stops traffick 2019 are spent on rescue, rehabilitation and training of victims and on the campaign to combat human trafficking.

From India the start signal is given to us on the 10th of march. The event there is led by survivors of trafficking.

Yoga stops traffick at Bodhi yoga and mindfulness:
13h00 kick-off presentation from Odanadi NL
13h30 Start 108 sun salutations

At 13h00 Odanadi NL opens Yoga stops traffick 2019. Then we start with the sun salutations. The 108 greetings are jointly executed and supervised by the Surya Mantras. A countdown keeps the count from 108 to 0.
The sun salutation that Bodhi is doing on March 10 is a classic sun salution, respect your limits.

Tip: Performing 108 sun salutations is not nothing, not even for more practiced yoga practitioners. You can therefore participate with 2 or 3 people, and alternate in relay.

Sponsors and donate
Participants in the 108 sun salutations donate € 10 (or more) to Odanadi.
If you can not participate yourself, you can sponsor other participants.
If you participate in the sun salutations you can ask friends or colleagues to sponsor you!
If, for example, 4 people sponsor you that 4 × 10 = € 40, – for the good work of foundation Odanadi – Odanadi means soulmate 😉
The relay form. Find your friends! And together do 108 sun salutations.
If you can’t participate you can also think about putting an amount in the action pot on the counter or transfer it to Triodos bank account number 198572751 o.v.v. YST2019

Can I just come and see? Or encourage?
Yes, you are also very welcome for this! We like to have a full house, and the participants can use some support well! This also includes a donation for YST2019.

When: Sunday 10 March from 13.00 to 15.30
Costs: minimum donation € 10, – more is welcome
Register: via Bodhi Yoga and Mindfulness Bodhi.fitmanager
More information: www.yogastopstraffick.org and www.odanadi-nl.org