Yoga Stops Traffick unites yoga practitioners across the globe in support of Odanadi Seva Trust. 100% of the profits raised from these events go directly to Odanadi, to help prevent human trafficking in India, to rescue and rehabilitate individuals affected by modern slavery and sexual violence.

This year YST is restructuring and organisers won’t be able to offer the same centralised individual support that we normally would. But we will be coming back bigger, better and more streamlined 2019, so watch this space!

However, we welcome any individual or group who would like to hold an event this year and donate to Odanadi via our PayPal. We won’t have a live venues page this year, but please share your events on our Facebook Page, Instagram #yogastopstraffick and through your social media platforms.

Wow that was great. Hard but great. 108 sun salutations @triyogauk for #YogaStopsTraffick A wonderful thing for a wonderful cause.

Daisy Hughes

Who can take part?

Yoga teachers

If you are a yoga teacher you can really help by leading a series of sun salutations on your yoga shala, or by holding a donation-based class.

We suggest a $20 (USD) minimum donation for each participant and encourage people to collect more money by raising sponsorship. Details on how to submit your donations are below.


You can take part by joining an existing event or getting a group of people together to start your own.

To host your own event, get together with a group of friends and organise an event at your home, local community centre, beach, park, or anywhere else you can think of.

We suggest a $20 (USD) minimum donation for each participant and encourage people to collect more money by raising sponsorship. Details on how to submit your donations are below.

Sending us your collected donations

Nominate someone to collect donations from participants of your Yoga Stops Traffick event and send them to us. Details of how to donate are on our donations page.

Getting the word out

The more people that take part in the event the better, so get the word out.

Share your event on social media with the hashtag #yogastopstraffick, update your profile picture to the Yoga Stops Traffick logo, email your friends and relatives and get them to join your event or sponsor you, approach your local newspaper or radio station and tell them about your Yoga Stops Traffick event.

You can also download these pdf flyer templates

Event guidelines

You should organise your event according to your individual location, style, tradition and ability, the most important thing is that you take part and collect donation for Odanadi.

Number of sun salutations  (surya namaskar)

The number usually undertaken for this kind of event is 108: a sacred number in Hindu, Buddhist, and many other belief systems. The average distance of the sun and the moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. There are also said to be 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra; 108 pithas, or sacred sites in India; and, in astrological traditions, 108 also represents the nine planets.

Although we recommend that you do however many surya namaskar you can manage comfortably, or in divisions of 108 (54, 27, 9, etc.) according to your ability. There are no prizes for the most number of sun salutations!

Keeping count

At the Mysore event, the surya namaskar will be led by the Odanadi children, and counted on the podium using a big flip chart. You can count the number of sun salutations this way too. Other options include using stones or dried beans as counters.

Time required

To complete the full 108 surya namaskar takes an estimated 2.5 hours. You could save time by reducing the number of breaths in down dog – from five to three, for example.


Make sure you and your participants are comfortable, wear appropriate clothing, stay hydrated, and take regular breaks if need be.