Yoga Stops Traffick would like to invite everyone to join us in our quest against human trafficking and in providing survivors safe spaces and ongoing support. If you are unable to run your own event or join one near you we would love for you to join us from your own home on March 10th 2019! You can practice your usual yoga routine or follow the instructions for sun salutations in the short introductory video below.

Please do note that you are joining in at your own risk. Take it easy and listen to your body!

If you are joining us from home please do make a donation on our specially set up fundraising page where you can also leave a message and let us know where you are joining in from. You will be a part of an amazing global community!

If you are happy to share with us some photos or videos we would love to hear from you, please post these on our Facebook & Instagram pages or email them to us at:

Thank you for your support!