Sumathi’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care

Sumathi’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care

Time to meet another of our wonderful partners. Established in 2014, Secret Projects is a social enterprise, set up to benefit communities of marginalised women in India. Through training and mentoring, to the making and selling of beautiful clothing and homewares, Secret Projects empowers women and helps to create sustainable livelihoods.

We are proud to announce they are our official Yoga Stops Traffick t-shirt provider again for 2021!

We asked Sumathi, General Manager of Secret Projects over in India for her 5 tips for remaining happy and positive.

1. Walk every day! I usually walk about 13,000 steps. I love walking and it really helps to keep me feeling fit.

2. Every morning or evening depending on my daily schedule, I meet with friends for a mediation session and afterwards we practise yoga, stretching and breathing. I love meeting up with everyone and it’s an important part of my day. 

3. I read avidly. Reading helps us to gain knowledge. 

4. I enjoy cooking for my family each day. Cooking makes me feel relaxed and happy. We sit down together to eat and talk about how our day has been. 

5. Each Sunday I attend church to receive a blessing and once a month my family and I take an outing together.